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Eco Vadis


Sustainable Excellence

Eco Vadis specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization:

Tens of thousands of companies partner with EcoVadis to collaborate on sustainability with a common platform, universal scorecard, benchmarks and performance improvement tools.

QECS-Quality & Enviro Care Systems is a leading consultancy service providers for Ecovadis CSR assessments, Ecovadis Sustainability Ratings, Ecovadis CSR Ratings, Ecovadis Certifications.

Companies Benefited by QECS Consultancy on Eco Vadis

Reduce costs for quality

Increased Business Competitiveness

Accountability for work

Assure satisfaction

Added value to customers

How QECS Helps You?

QECS can help you establish system according to Eco Vadis Environment Management System Requirements. QECS have profession method of implementing Eco Vadis requirement. The activity time line for achieving Eco Vadis certification is as follows:

Road Map for Documentation, Implementation and training for Eco Vadis (Environment Management System) Certification Consultancy

  • Gap Analysis, Environment Policy, Environment Objectives
  • Determining role, responsibility and authorities, Identify and assemble core group, Appointment of Team Leader
  • Management System Documentation: Level 1 to Level 4, Register Of Regulation (ROR), Operational Control Plan (OCP), On-site Emergency Plan (OEP).
  • Awareness Training to Core Group and identified staff
  • Internal Auditors Training to Core Group and Conduct of Internal Audit
  • Conduct of Management Review Meeting
  • Application to Certification Body
  • Final Certification Audit – end of project

QECS can help you develop, implement ISO 14000 / ISO 14001 system and attain ISO 14000 / ISO 14001 certification from reputed certification body. QECS is preferred consultancy organization by reputed certification bodies.

5 Step to Certification... Think a big…

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

On Eco Vadis

Companies are fatigued from too many self-assessments and questionnaires. Some receive 25+ questionnaires from customers every year. They want one assessment, customized to their business, with clear results and feedback, that they can share everywhere.

The EcoVadis sustainability intelligence suite spans the full spectrum of sustainability risk and performance management with broad-scale supply chain risk screening and mapping, reliable scorecards with actionable ratings, and complete audit and improvement management

Ecovadis Score Card Shows company and its trading partners about company’s performance in four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

Ecovadis mission is to provide the world’s most-trusted sustainability ratings, enabling all businesses to reduce risk, drive performance, and improve environmental and social outcome.


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