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What is ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction &Complaints Handling?

This International Standard provides guidance for the design and implementation of an effective and efficient complaints-handling process for all types of commercial or non-commercial activities, including those related to electronic commerce. It is intended to benefit an organization and its customers, complainants, and other interested parties. The information obtained through the complaints-handling process can lead to improvements in products and processes and, where the complaints are properly handled, can improve the reputation of the organization, regardless of size, location, and sector. In a global marketplace, the value of an International Standard becomes more evident since it provides confidence in the consistent treatment of complaints. An effective and efficient complaints-handling process reflects the needs of both the organizations supplying products and those who are the recipients of those products.


Complainant Handling
Process Improvement
Responsive & Analysis

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5 Step to Certification... Think a big…

Gap Analysis

visits your Organization to review and document your current processes and procedures, highlighting the areas that do not meet the requirements of the Standard, legalization and business needs.

Development of System

we develop the management systems based on the customize requirements and based on the standard’s requirements. We have competent and professional team, they will guide and develop the systems with latest guideline and suggest perfect solutions which added values in your Policies, Objectives, Business needs and Processes.


Now it's time to make sure any required process or procedural changes are made, as highlighted in the review by competent and professional team. QECS can provide templates to assist you in doing this.


QECS qualified team monitored the developed and implemented systems based on the requirements define in standards, in professional manner same as per the third-party certification audit, once we are satisfied with the systems will be recommended for the certification audit.


An Auditor must now visit your Organization to check that the documented processes are being followed and that the necessary changes have been made. Once they are satisfied, you will be awarded your certification.

  • Provide a complainant with access to an open and responsive complaints-handling process
  • Enhance the ability of the organization to resolve complaints in a consistent, systematic, and responsive manner, to the satisfaction of the complainant and the organization
  • Help an organization create a customer-focused approach to resolving complaints, and encourage personnel to improve their skills in working with customers
  • Provide a basis for continual review and analysis of the complaints-handling process, the resolution of complaints, and process improvements made
  • Integrate ISO 10002 with ISO 9001 to improve overall efficiency

Please feel free to email us on info@qecs.co.in / pranav.shah@qecs.co.in to get full client list.

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