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Vendor Development & Audit with QECS

Vendor Development & Audit

Vendor Development & Audit What is Vendor Developing?

Vendor development is one of the popular techniques of strategic sourcing, which improves the value we receive from suppliers. Vendor Development can be defined as any activity that a Buying Firm undertakes to improve a Supplier's performance and capabilities to meet the Buying Firms' supply needs

What is the vendor management process?

The businesses and individuals that provide goods and services to an organization are considered its vendors. ... It's about streamlining the process for heightened efficiencies and managing vendor relationships to ensure that the agreements made are mutually beneficial for both parties.

Process of Vendor Developing

  • The first is the establishment of the business goals mentioned above. It’s much easier to select and manage vendors when you have clearly defined performance parameters to compare and contrast.
  • The second part of the process is to select the best vendors that will be able to match your company’s performance characteristics. Every vendor will have its strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one is a very critical task to optimizing operational results.
  • Third is managing your suppliers. On a daily basis, your vendor managers will need to monitor performance and output, ensure contract terms are being followed, approve or disapprove changes, provide feedback, and develop relationships through effective communication, honesty, and integrity.
  • Finally, the fourth aspect of vendor management is meeting your goals on a consistent basis. This requires continuous work in influencing vendors to meet performance objectives to ensure profitability

Companies Benefited by QECS Consultancy

  • Full transparency between organization and supplier
  • Improved collaboration between organization and supplier
  • Streamlined and reduced sourcing activities and lead times
  • Improved quality, manufacturability, and reliability for new designs
  • Increased supplier responsiveness
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased awareness of supplier diversity
  • Increased visibility of full supply base to procurement, quality, and even management departments

Full Transparency

Supplier Responsiveness

Improved Collaboration

Customer Satisfaction

Improved Quality

How QECS Helps You?

QECS’s auditing service provides independent assessment of suppliers administrative operating for quality management system fulfill.Certified auditors are providing to evaluate a companies formal management system against accepted national or international standard.Audit take on many different scope depending on the need of the clients. Normally the activities focused on specific product, process system or even capabilities and capacity of the supplier. This may include area such as quality, environmental, health and safety, Food Safety management system.

Audits are frequently perform in order to ensure that system, practices and procedures are identified, documented, controlled and periodically assessed for the effectiveness of complies audit are also conducted as pre award (audit) survey to assesses suppliers capabilities, capacities and qualifications to meet specific contractual obligation.

Road Map for Documentation, Implementation and training for Vendor Developing Certification Consultancy
  • Gap Analysis, Quality Policy, Quality Objectives
  • Determining role, responsibility and authorities, Identify and assemble core group, Appointment of Team Leader
  • Management System Documentation: Level 1 to Level 4
  • Awareness Training to Core Group and identified staff
  • Internal Auditors Training to Core Group and Conduct of Internal Audit
  • Conduct of Management Review Meeting
  • Application to Certification Body
  • Final Certification Audit – end of project

QECS can help you develop, implement Vendor Developing system and attain certification from reputed certification body. QECS is preferred consultancy organization by reputed certification bodies.

5 Step to Certification... Think a big…

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

Frequently Asked Questions
On Training

  • Share information and priorities
  • Allow strategy and innovation:
  • Look to the future:
  • Focus on win-win agreements:

National sourcing, procurement and buying services are available to clients wising to broaden their national purchasing horizons. And completion of bid evaluation while packaging these activities with traditional services such as supplier assessment, capability, capacity audits, inspection expediting etc. to ensure a totally integrated procurement support process.

  • Competent experience and committed specialists.
  • Impartial and independent assessment
  • Knowledge of local suppliers, rules and contracts.
  • Professional reporting system.